IWC heals wild lives, wild land
and the human spirit

Healing Wild Lives

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Center's daily activities. Some commit themselves to learning the skills necessary to care for baby birds, injured turtles, over-wintering bats or migrating waterfowl. Others provide different supports for our mission of rescue, care, and education.

Healing Wild Land

Good land stewardship and land conservation are key parts of the Iowa Wildlife Center mission. They are also key parts of protecting wildlife and keeping individuals and populations healthy by providing ample food, water, shelter and places to raise their young.

Healing the Human Spirit

Gifts come in all forms. The wild animals who come to us maybe aren't conscious of it, but they give us an amazing gift each time we interact with them. We are given an intimate moment with wildness. Unwrap it. Savor it. It's a rare gift that can heal the human spirit.


The lifeblood of our organization. Learn how to transport and help care for our wild patients or help with some of our land restoration and building projects.